Developing as a Leader



This past month has been a busy one as the school year came to a close.  It is always a time for reflection and review, but more so this year with a whole range of new leadership opportunities arising in our school and the reality of some revered and inspiring leaders exiting stage left. This has meant an opportunity for personal reflection and formal and informal conversations with a range of people both at the beginning and the end of their school leadership journey.

One consistent aspect of both these groups of people, is that they did not wait for the title to demonstrate their professionalism, their passion, and their unwavering and uncompromising commitment to improvement.  Instead they acted upon it daily.

Lesson learnt…. if you aspire to be a Lead Teacher, Coordinator, Senior Leader, Deputy, Principal or beyond….. don’t wait, start operating like one; speak up, support, encourage, challenge and advocate, dress and commit like one on a daily basis. 

A special shout out to a unique individual, an inspiring woman, who retires from her official education role, but whom I know will still support the development of others for a long time to come. She has tolerated my constant challenging and questioning and still nurtured and supported me, especially in recent times.

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  1. Lynne Edwards

    So many of us, Rhoni, are fortunate to have had unique individuals who have made it part of their daily and ‘far horizon’ professional business to notice, acknowledge, nurture, encourage and challenge those who follow in their footsteps. The chance to celebrate these contributions should not only happen at the end of full time careers but instead be routine parts of our collaborative efforts as educators of young people.
    As the Whitlam tertiary educated era generation reach retirement age, there will be a wealth of on-the-ground experience available to support, guide and continue to learn with fellow educators across the experience range and contexts.
    From the perspective of the ‘mostly’ retired, Rhoni, I am convinced we are a lucky profession, not only in the nature of the work we do with young people but the way we do it best – in vital collaboration with fellow educators connected to supportive school and professional communities which must include the viewpoints of the young people people we teach,

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