Don’t Wait to be an Expert!

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We no longer need to know as much “stuff” as we did in the past when a device in our pocket can provide the answer ultimately in under 10 seconds.  Mobile technology is no longer a thing of the future, it is here and we need to harness it.

One of the students from our school who attended the national ACEC conference here in Adelaide as a Digital Leader wrote on his blog.

“At school, I want to be able to learn in the same ways that I do in real life.”

Me too! (You can see his post here)

With access to reliable internet and multiple devices, what our students need are skills to navigate what is useful and reliable information.  Beyond that we want them to access and use tools to produce meaningful materials or products for an audience with purpose.

This is where we hit some barriers for both staff and students.

Staff remain apprehensive because they don’t feel confident using a technology or process and students become risk averse, not willing to try something new for fear it won’t gain them the grade they need or want.

Approaching my final workshop with 3rd and final year Education students at Flinders University, I began to think about what message I wanted them to take away. I always endeavour to provide  as many practical tools and examples for managing their first years in the profession, and have previously left them with the final advice of always being a learner and developing a network of support.  This time I decided to leave them with…

“Don’t wait to be an expert, just give it a go!”

I hope that they dive in!

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