Consume – Create – Curate – Connect


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I have acknowledged before that ideas are not original and it’s a no brainer that we need to consume, whether that be watch, read or listen to make sense of ideas, thoughts or to develop more questions.

Consumption is certainly not new to schools, reading text has been an elemental part of learning since compulsion arose in the late 19th century. What we need to consider now, is how young people are consuming information today and how we can tap into this consumption. Video and visual media are increasingly the modes by which we access information. How can we as teachers utilise these formats more?  Are we teaching our students to note take effectively, to research responsibly, to annotate or to listen and identify key ideas as essential parts of accessing these modes?

Once our students have consumed, do we get them to create? What does this creation look like? Is it still written? Are we allowing them to demonstrate their emerging understanding in different ways? Do we encourage them to express their ideas on the basis of developing thoughts, rather than concluding answers? Can they record, build, animate or film these ideas?

Do we provide opportunity to curate these ideas? Do we allow students to organise and connect their collection of thoughts, so they can make links and deepen their understanding? Do we ensure they have a way of organising their work and recording it so they can look back a refer to their developing works and see how they build upon each other? How can digital records support the “tagging” and “categorising” of this learning?

How are we making this learning purposeful by providing an audience? Are we allowing them to connect? Do we give them a platform, physical or virtual where they can share their creations and seek feedback on their emerging ideas?  So often we finalise the learning by creating a product (essay/presentation/performance), but is that where the learning ends? How can we facilitate the power of the crowd to suggest, to comment and to review works for ongoing improvement and allow our students to respond to these?

Just some things currently on my mind and conscious to be working towards being better at!





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