I’ve Been Forced to Share-ski

Dean Shareski @shareski assigned me some homework, so here on the first official day of my holidays I lay in the sun and attempt to be diligent!

11 Random Facts About Me!

  1. I use way too many exclamation marks!!!!!
  2. I had a menagerie of “rescued” animals as a kid including a pelican, long-neck turtle, childrens python, rainbow lorikeet, kookaburra as well as the more conventional cats and dogs.
  3. I am extremely competitive and never “let” my kids win games, of any kind!
  4. I buy licorice because the kids hate it and I don’t have to share it
  5. I was a master Sonic the Hedgehog player in the early 90’s.  It was the only electronic game I could consistently beat my older brother at.
  6. The first trophy I ever won was a bottle of Champagne as the youngest member of a sailing crew at the age of 6. (I had to hand it over to my mother and she bought me a creaming soda instead)
  7. I was blonde and blue eyed as a child and as I have aged my eyes have turned green and my natural hair colour is….anyone’s guess!
  8. I am particular about fonts!
  9. I never wear tracksuit pants or Ugg Boots – EVER!!
  10. I love watching all sports – but cannot, cannot, cannot tolerate soccer or netball.
  11. Generally people have 4 lower incisors (front teeth) but I have only ever had 3 and my sister (9 years older) has 5!

Dean’s Questions for Me:

  1. How do you feel about pants? It depends on the definition and circumstances! I think trackpants (sweatpants) are a fashion disgrace,  are the equivalent of pjs and should only be worn indoors! 
  2. What was the last movie you saw in a theatre? I took my teenage daughter and her girlfriends to see The Hunger Games – Catching Fire
  3. Where are your car keys? On the shelf where they are supposed to go!
  4. What time is it? Holiday time and summer which means long days and no bed times 🙂
  5. What’s the last tweet you favorited?
    Tom Whitby ‏@tomwhitby14 Dec  – Lack of tech is not as big a problem as lack of learning. Tchrs/Admins need PD built into the week w/ time & support.
  6. Outside of your immediate family, which relative do you like to spend time with? I would have to say my brother-in-law, he has a wicked sense of humour and is easily teased.
  7. Have you ever been to Saskatchewan? Never
  8. How long did it take you to walk to school as a kid? I lived on the same street as my Primary School so about 3 minutes.  My Junior High School was a 20 minute bike ride.
  9. Besides you,  blogger should I be paying attention to? I always enjoy reading Justin Stortz – Pursuing Context 
  10. Name one golf course. Kooyoonga Golf Course – I used to go past it every day on the way to Uni.
  11. What’s your favorite Seinfeld episode or line? This is the toughest of all questions! I do love the episode where Jerry convinces George to do the opposite to what he is normally inclined. He ends up happy and successful (I think he even gets a job with the Yankees from memory). I also like muffin tops though, I always save the tops for last so that one just makes sense!

Questions for You:

  1. What is a habit you wish you didn’t have?
  2. Where is somewhere you have always wanted to travel?
  3. Which way should the toilet paper face?
  4. What band/musician are you embarrassed to admit you secretly enjoy?
  5. What is something you keep that you should really throw out?
  6. Ice cream/Frozen Yoghurt/Sorbet/Gelati?
  7. What do you wish you did more of?
  8. What was the first movie you ever saw at the cinema?
  9. Who is someone that you are grateful for but never tell them enough?
  10. Summer/Autumn/Winter/Spring and why?
  11. Have you ever been to Darwin (Northern Territory, Australia)?

Now It’s Your Turn: note this is the first time I have EVER passed on a “chain letter”, however for some of you listed, it may be the nudge you need to write an overdue post 🙂

  1. Andrea Stringer
  2. Justin Stortz
  3. Caroline Fishpool
  4. Jenna Shaw
  5. Kadri Auvaart
  6. Melanie Spencer
  7. Paul Huebl
  8. Dana Corr
  9. Gemma Brown
  10. Bob Thiele
  11. Debra Evans

Here’s how it works:

  1. Acknowledge the nominating blogger.
  2. Share 11 random facts about yourself.
  3. Answer the 11 questions the nominating blogger has created for you.
  4. List 11 bloggers.
  5. Post 11 questions for the bloggers you nominate to answer, and let all the bloggers know they have been nominated. Don’t nominate a blogger who has nominated you.

Post back here with a link after you write this. Go on, you have homework to do.


  1. Dean Shareski (@shareski)

    The licorice thing as well as the not letting kids win are both parenting strategies you might never read in the manual but I subscribe to. It’s also part of the reason I’ll never win Father of the Year. Thanks for playing.

    • rhonimcfarlane

      Dean I take the “not letting my kids win” straight from the parenting books. It’s supporting them to develop coping skills for losing and always trying your best models self worth apparently. I think the point where I cross over to never winning mother of the year, is when I rub it in their faces by making them wear the loser hat 😉

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