Making “Moments”

T2i - Red Heart

cc licensed ( BY NC SA ) flickr photo by Doug Wheller

Today was a good day!

Today was a day that I imagine the kids I worked with will remember and talk about for some time maybe even years to come (well I hope so).

Activities Week (the last week of school) was a new experience for me last year when I joined the “high school” gang. It is not something I had ever seen in Primary Schools so I didn’t really know what to expect. I soon realised it would provide me an opportunity to create something exciting that our students may never do beyond their time in school.

Today this came in the form of an Amazing Race, complete with cryptic clues, team challenges, road blocks and an ongoing photo challenge throughout the day. I could go into detail but I won’t, just to say that it was challenging and fun!

Whilst some may take the last week of school as a chance  to wind-down, I see it as my last opportunity to make a significant impact; one that could make a students day, week or even year!

When I think about the memories I cherish from my own time at school, it is not the daily lessons, or the subjects I remember, it is the people and events that stand out.  This too is true for my own children.  My daughter has been writing reflections from her time at primary school in preparation for her graduation (tomorrow night – eeeek).  The things that clearly stand out for her are the school camps, the Book Week parades and the student led expos and events. These have given her highlights throughout her 8 years at the school.  It’s these moments that will leave her with an overwhelmingly positive feeling of school and of the other young people whom shared these times.

So tonight I sleep with a full heart. Tomorrow brings another opportunity!



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