In the Box

Get In - Iron Photographer 109 - Utata

cc licensed ( BY NC SA ) flickr photo by Amarand Agasi

Sometimes we can be so busy fitting kids into the box that we forget about what matters most.

When we focus on the age, year level, sex or subject and classify our kids on these things alone we are doing them a disservice.

Leading our learning space I was adamant that I would not organise our students this way.

When we look at our kids considering who they are, who they can build successful relationships with (both peers and adults), their passions, interests and experiences, we are more likely to make choices that will lead to success.

It is only when our students move on and are then constrained by the organisation and structures in other places reducing their options,  that I become frustrated and concerned that the growth and success we have supported in our kids can be undone.

I think we are a truly great example of how kids can flourish in a learning space when who they are matters most not what they are.

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