Building a Team on Camp

Day #122 Together we can!

cc licensed ( BY NC ) flickr photo by Martin Weller

Taking a group of students away on camp is always an experience which requires plenty of planning, time, effort and commitment from staff.  Taking a group of students with special needs away on camp just amplifies this.

Camp provides our students with opportunities to develop teamwork, cooperation, communication, responsibility and independence. For many of our families, this may be the only time they are apart from their child and we take this responsibility very seriously.  The lead up to camp is heavily focussed on creating positive experiences for our students, planning for the physical and emotional needs of our diverse group and ensuring all medical considerations are also met.
This year we were met with greater logistical challenges with some of our students needing extra support to access some of the more physical activities! (Pushing, dragging, lifting wheelchairs up and through an obstacle course is somewhat demanding.)
What I expected was to provide experiences for our students that they will treasure and talk about for years to come.  What I hadn’t expected, was that our teaching team would grow a deeper connection as we worked together to achieve our mission.
Just like any group, our team consists of people with a varied background, interests and strengths.  We pulled together and showcased a complimentary skill set which resulted in a successful and positive camp all round. I could not be more appreciative of their attitude, generosity and willingness to go beyond the call.
I feel extremely lucky to be part of this group!

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