Every Once in a While!

Sunset High Five

cc licensed ( BY NC SA ) flickr photo by John Wiechecki

Tonight I was surprised by a compliment on twitter from a great principal leading one of our local primary schools.  I had just tweeted a link to our blog and he responded as follows:

At first I was quite shocked about his generous praise, but after I’d thought about it a little, I realised for the first time that it is actually good!

The next thought that struck me was, I can’t recall anyone from my own site ever telling me or others in our Unit team (to my knowledge) that our blog is great!

This reminded me of a post George Couros had written (I can’t recall the title and my brief search did little to navigate his volumes of writing to find it) regarding the kids in our class who consistently do well yet aren’t acknowledged.

This too is the same for staff in our schools. Bob’s brief acknowledgement of our good work not only gave me a warm fuzzy, but it reinforced what we are doing is positive and definitely something to keep building upon. It also made me concede that we’re all guilty (I’m no exception) of not recognising the good work of people we work most closely with on a daily basis.

So just as others are doing little things to appreciate others (see @gcouros #365greattweeps, or the #FF as just a few twitter examples), I plan to dedicate some space here on my blog to acknowledge the great things that people in my own school are doing! Perhaps I shall tag it #inmyownbackyard!


  1. Bob Thiele

    You have inspired me twice in one night! How easy it is to take people and the things they do for granted. This eventually will have a negative effect. A simple acknowledgement is just as easy but the effect can be so positive. Your comment on my daughter’s blog post encouraged her to write another. Your response to my simple acknowledgement was another blog post.

    What a better world we would have if we all acknowledged the efforts of others.

    Thanks again for being so inspirational!

    • rhonimcfarlane

      It’s absolutely waaaay too easy and we need constant reminders to ensure recognise it. I know I have very high expectations of myself and those around me and at times this can mean that I don’t show my appreciation and acknowledge good work when it is warranted. I think making a conscious effort to do this is really important. We have a wellbeing team at Wirreanda whom are working hard to acknowledge and appreciate people in our site and this has had a positive impact on many. I think we all have to find our own way of making appreciation happen. As for your daughter’s post, I am so glad my small token had a positive impact. Thanks again Bob for your kind words.

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