Connected and Dangerous!

Whenever teachers give too much homework (via

The extent to which we can now be connected brings to the forefront the question of how we learn. This is true for both teachers and students.

If someone were to ask me about my own learning and how much of it is formal and how much is informal, I would have to suggest that in the past 2 and a half years I have spent more time utilising informal learning opportunities. Driven by a need to know, a desire to try or inspired by great examples accessed online, my informal learning is supported by a growing digital community, a developing circle of influence and a passion for pushing towards innovation.

This is also true for our students! They have learning accessible 24/7. Our kids are “connected and dangerous”.  Dangerous in the sense that if we don’t utilise this access to the world, we will find ourselves and schools defunct! If we don’t make kinship between their learning outside of school and that in school, we will have further disengagement.

What if our kids could choose where, when and from whom they learn? How many would we lose?

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