Perspective Matters

Huge Blinders by emilio labrador

Huge Blinders, a photo by emilio labrador on Flickr. cc

Recently I reconnected with an educator I hadn’t seen for a while.  I cherish these opportunities because a fresh set of eyes can betray the things you take for granted.

It is so easy to become complacent in our actions, behaviours, standards and expectations especially when we work in a busy environment where it is a constant challenge to keep our eyes on the big picture.  When an “outsider” comes in and can feel the culture, see the interactions, hear the conversations and see the environment without the blinkers we develop over time, it can open our eyes to things that have become “part of the furniture”.

I consider myself a passionate professional, whom does not shy from a challenge nor turn a blind eye to things I deem destructive or inappropriate. Yet I was surprised to acknowledge that my own complacency over certain things was potentially being detrimental to myself , my staff and my school. Huge wake up call and one I am extremely grateful for.

So who is providing you with a fresh perspective?  Is it adequate to discuss your professional practice only with those within our own schools?

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