Tweeting Up A Storm

Twitter, a photo by eldh on

The past 2 days I have attended the Hawker Brownlow Teaching and Learning Conference in Melbourne, Australia. This has thus far been a great experience for myself and five other staff from my school. I have in the past attended conferences as part of a group of staff however this experience has been substantially different.  This conference has seen all 6 members of our staff using twitter and the result is that our learning and discussion is amplified.

With each of us attending different workshop sessions, twitter has enabled us to share the ideas and expertise in the room with each other and those back at school.  The discussion this has created when we reassemble and the connection we have with staff back home who are joining the discussion has been compelling.

Peer connecting via twitter back in Adelaide

Peer connecting via twitter back in Adelaide

In the past, my reflections at a conference would be limited to chatting with those in the room or reflecting with my peers at a later time. Twitter has provided the avenue to connect with people across the room, outside the room and beyond the building. I can’t help but feel a genuine appreciation for how it has increased my learning potential and opportunities to connect with people beyond my school, region and state. The last session I attended today was led by Bill Ferriter (@plugusin).  I have followed Bill on twitter for several months and today in his session he promoted twitter as a powerful tool for developing a PLC.  It’s not often you get the chance to connect with an international presenter, yet Twitter certainly facilitates this in a way which otherwise would not have occurred.

Looking forward to  more learning and connecting in the next two days!

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